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Chimney Balloons!

A chimney balloon saves you energy and money by preventing heat going up, and draughts coming down your chimney! Chimney balloons are a simple, easy way to stop heat loss and chimney draughts! Click here for sizing information.


Which Flue Type?

When selecting your Chimney Balloon it's important to know whether your chimneys have a lined or unlined flue. If you are unsure, click HERE for more information on the different types of flue.

Simply fit chimney balloons to your fireplaces to start saving money on your heating bills! A chimney balloon reduces the amount of energy you use to heat your room by stopping heat loss. A chimney balloon is designed to stop draughts and cold winds coming down your chimney. It also stops heat in a room escaping up your chimney. Click here to learn more about the benefits!

About Chimney Balloons

Chimney Balloons are the simplest, easiest way to save energy and money in your home!!!

The best ideas are often the simplest ones. A Chimney Balloon is the simple, cost-effective way to stop chimney draughts, reduce heat loss and noise in your home. The Chimney Balloon saves energy by preventing heat going straight up your chimney.

Many houses, particularly older houses, have fireplaces for open fires, and there is nothing like sitting in front of a warm fire burning in the fireplace of your home on a cold winter night.

Unfortunately, whichever fuel you choose to use in an open fire, as much as 90% of the heat will go straight up the chimney. Open fires also increase draughts in your house - an open fire can draw up to 17 m3 of air per minute! Not a very efficient way to heat a room, or a good use of money!

Because they are so inefficient, many households have chosen not to use open fires. This effectively leaves a big hole in your roof! Even when a chimney is not in use, vast quantities of air are drawn up the chimney.

A Chimney Balloon not only stops cold draughts coming down your chimney, it also stops the warm air in your room disappearing up your chimney. Completely safe and is designed to be used again and again.

The Chimney Balloon was invented by David Woodman, who was looking for a solution for gales blowing down his chimney! With the practicality one would expect of a design engineer, he developed an elegant, simple solution to improve the comfort of your home. The Chimney Balloon has been produced in England since 1990 and rapidly became a hit with home owners looking to improve their comfort and save energy in their homes!

Chimney Balloons are a cheap, effective solution to save you time and money!!!