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Chimney Balloons in Cork

Chimney Balloon CorkSaving Money & Energy for our customers in Cork!

County Cork has the proud place as the largest county in Ireland - almost 7,500 square kilometers and 480,000 people!

We supply more Chimney Balloons to our customers in Cork than any other county in Ireland including Dublin! Our customers in Cork appreciate the warmth and comfort that a Chimney Balloon can bring!

We always carry sufficient stock to meet our customer demands and put your order in the post next business day.

In no time at all you will be enjoying the wonderful benefits of having a Chimney Balloon installed. We are Ireland's premier supplier of Chimney Balloons and as such provide all our customers with and excellent service guarantee.

Simply fit the Chimney Balloon and start enjoying the benefits:

  • reduce chimney draughts
  • stop fireplace odours
  • reduce smoke smells from external fires
  • heat loss is reduced
  • warmer rooms keeps your house cosier!
  • reduce external noise
  • the balloon allows an appropriate amount of chimney ventilation
  • holds back dirt and soot
  • saves you energy and money

Installing a Chimney Balloon is really very straightforward! Click here to learn how to install a Chimney Balloon.

If you'd like to know how to pick the correct size for your home, click here for more details.

Chimney Balloons - Keeping our customers in Cork lovely and warm!

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