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Chimney Balloons in Limerick

Saving Money & Energy for our customers in Limerick!

As Ireland's premier supplier of Chimney Balloons we guarantee excellent service to our customers in Limerick. We dispatch your chimney balloon on the next business day! The original and patented Chimney Balloon will be with you in days, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the product!

Simply fit the Chimney Balloon and start enjoying the benefits:

  • eliminate cold chimney draughts
  • stop fireplace smells
  • minimise smells from external smoke
  • minimise heat loss
  • make the rooms in your home warmer
  • stops noise from wind howling down your chimney
  • lets a small amount of air through to ensure adequate chimney ventilation
  • stops dirt and soot falling into your hearth
  • above all saves on your energy bills!

Fitting a Chimney Balloon is very, very easy! Click here to learn more and view our installation video. YOu'll learn how easy it is to fit a Chimney Balloon.

We are often asked by our customers about picking the correct size. Click here for more details on sizing.

Chimney Balloons - Warming the homes of our customers in Limerick!